A Basic Guide To Watering Young Trees

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A Basic Guide To Watering Young Trees

A Basic Guide To Watering Young Trees

14 September 2015
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If you have recently planted trees in your yard, it is important that they get the right amount of water. Young trees need a lot of water to grow; however, they don't need to be watered in the same way that flowers and garden plants do. Here is a quick guide to watering young trees.    

Watering & Planting

Right after you plant a young tree, or any tree for that matter, you should water it immediately. Its roots have been moved to a new location and will be seeking out water and trying to establish themselves. You'll have your new tree establish itself by watering it right away. 

Watering & The First Two Years

For the first two years after you plant your new tree, you are going to need to give it a little extra attention. During the first two years, the young tree that you planted is in a fight for its life. It is going to be trying to establish its roots, get the nutrients that it needs, and will be fighting to get enough sunlight as well.

During this time, you are going to need to water your tree during dry spells. During the wet season in your area, your young tree should get enough water from natural sources. However, when it starts to get hot and dry in the late spring and throughout the summer, your young tree is going to need a little help in order to survive.

When it is extremely dry outside, water your tree every five to seven days. You are going to want to deep water your tree, which means you need to give your tree enough water that it soaks down into its roots. You can see if the water is going deep enough by digging down a few inches after you water and seeing if the soil is wet; if it is, you're providing the tree with enough water. If it's dry, you need to water a little longer.

You can also help your young tree retain water by putting mulch a few feet around the base of the tree. Mulch helps regulate the temperature of the soil around your tree and it helps the soil retain moisture and water for longer periods of time.

Watering After The First Two Years

After the tree you planted has been in the ground for at least two years, it will have a deeper root system and will be able to survive on natural water. However, if your area ever goes through a period of extreme drought, it would be a good idea to give your tree a little assistance with the water. Additionally, it is a good idea to continue to put mulch around your trees even after they have passed the two-year mark. The benefits of mulch remain the same for older trees.

For the first two years after you plant a new tree, you are going to need to water it whenever it gets dry outside and there is not enough natural water sources for the tree. However, once the tree you planted is established, it will not need extra help from you in getting the water that it needs. For further assistance, contact a local lawn service.

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