Can Your Tree Be Saved?

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Can Your Tree Be Saved?

Can Your Tree Be Saved?

23 March 2016
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Although spring brings with it some beautiful sunny days, it is also prime storm time. When severe thunderstorms or other wind storms hit, they often do a great deal of damage.  One heartbreaking result is the damage these storms can do to your beloved trees. If you look out and see that your prized oak has been struck by lightning or had several major limbs blow off, try not to panic. Often your trees can be saved if you take the proper steps. 


If you notice several branches down, you may choose to prune the tree yourself. When you do, avoid over-pruning. You may think chopping off as much of the damaged area as possible will help the tree bounce back, but taking too much off can deprive the tree of its ability to make food and nourish itself during the all-important growing season. Leave as much foliage as possible because it is key for proper food production. If you are unsure of how much is too much, call a tree trimming service. 

Leader Limbs

A damaged leader limb on a species that relies on one, such as elm trees, can be fatal to your tree. The leader is the primary upward limb, and although your tree may be able to survive the loss of this limb, it will most likely look deformed. In some instances, experts may be able to save the damaged limb and save the tree as a result. If a storm totally removes the leader limb, you will probably need to have a tree service cut it down. 

Split Forks

A tree with a split fork may look unsavable, but experts might be able to rescue it. A tree service can sometimes pull the branches back together with a winch and secure them with metal rods and screws. A steel cable may also be added above the split to provide additional support. A tree can also survive when one of the fork branches must be removed. 

Uprooted Tree

If your beautiful mature maple is uprooted during a storm, you probably will not be able to save it. Too much root and trunk damage will have occurred. Smaller trees, however, can be saved if enough of their root ball remains undamaged. Of course, replanting is best done with the help of professionals. 

When spring storms hurt your trees, do not assume they are beyond saving. With the help of a professional tree service like Tidd Tree, you can often repair these trees and keep them thriving for many more decades. 

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