Factors To Consider When You Shop For Privacy Plants

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Factors To Consider When You Shop For Privacy Plants

Factors To Consider When You Shop For Privacy Plants

12 July 2023
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If you find that you're not spending as much time in your backyard as you'd like because the space doesn't offer your desired level of privacy, there are a few solutions to explore. A good option is to buy a number of plants that are known for their thick foliage. When you plant them in a row, these plants can offer a surprising amount of privacy. With the right approach, plants can make a barrier that is every bit as private as a solid fence — but will also offer a soft, natural look that can really augment the look of the yard. Here are some factors to consider when you shop for privacy plants.

Growth Rate

The plants that you put in your yard will offer some degree of privacy right away, but they'll achieve your ultimate goal only once they mature and get thicker. When you look at different plant species, it's important to know the growth rate of each. Ask a salesperson at the landscaping center or wherever you're shopping to share this detail with you. For example, if you're considering two plants and learn that one grows wider much faster than the other, the faster-growing plant may be a better choice for giving you privacy sooner.

Total Height

You'll also want to find out how tall any privacy plant grows. A good amount of height can be useful for privacy, especially if you want to block the line of sight that a neighbor has from their second-story windows. However, you also need to be mindful that your plants don't get too high. Plants that are too high can create too much shade in your yard, which isn't always ideal if you have a garden. Ideally, you'll find a plant type that has a perfect sweet spot for getting as tall as you need but not getting too tall.


There are lots of plants that provide a good amount of privacy, and their appearance varies a lot. Some of these plants produce colorful blooms, while others remain green throughout the year. Consider your preference for each style. Some people might like the idea of having their row of plants offer a splash of color, while others may feel that a solid barrier of green is the best fit in their yard. If you're interested in learning more about privacy plants, reach out to a local landscaping professional.

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